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I needed a form of exercise that would be interesting, stimulating and would keep me involved enough so as not to even consider quitting. It is now 10 years later and my Pilates’ exercises are more important than ever. I am in my 70’s and know that I have stayed in good shape thanks to Joe and his constant supervision. He is interested in the progress of all his students and always pointing out ways to improve our technique. I look forward to my exercises and grateful to have found Third Coast Pilates. Ruth Alpert (5 Stars)

This place is an oasis of peace and restoration of body and soul after a hard days work. Joe is a great teacher of classical Pilates. He is patient and has a deep knowledge of Pilates. He offers private and group sessions. Group sessions are often filled with lots of laughter and discussions. This studio is a hidden secret in Houston and I highly recommend it. Silvia Hafliger MD (5 Stars)

I’ve been doing Pilates with Joe for over 4 years and it’s really improved my health. People are always asking how I stay in such good shape and I always say, “Pilates, twice a week!” I chose Third Coast because he does Classical Pilates, that Joe Pilates, himself, developed. Anyone can say they teach Pilates, but only Classical Pilates is the real deal, and Joe is a master at teaching it. Doris Sing (5 Stars)

Joe Teague is the true expert when it comes to Pilates instruction. I have tried several studios when I was looking for a Pilate studio to help me rehab shoulder and back injuries. Joe understood my physical concerns and uses his expertise to adapt workouts to meet my individual needs. He is diligent monitoring you throughout the exercises to make sure you get full benefit of the exercise and yet still provide a very safe workout. My shoulder injury repaired much quicker than I had expected and I have gained a strength and stability I wasn’t sure was even possible after so many previous injuries. The sessions have been fun and effective. I have regained confidence in my body and for the first time I actually look forward to working out. I highly recommend Joe Teague’s Third Coast Pilates . Andy Vorster (5 Stars)

I have been doing Classical Pilates off and on since 1988, and have been at Third Coast Pilates (TCP) for the past 3 years. The TCP studio is a relaxed atmosphere, offering semi-private (and private) sessions. So I get Master Teacher Joe's full attention, or as needed, as I progress in my workout program. I've enjoyed working out on the reformers, Cadillac and ladder barrel - all equipment kept in top condition. Joe is great at explaining, and demonstrating, things, so I better understand why and how to do a specific exercise the correct way. TCP is a MUST in my weekly schedule! Deborah Reichert (5 Stars)

After trying several pilates studios in both a gym and small studio setting, I came across Third Coast Pilates through a recommendation. It’s a great little studio with a very knowledgeable instructor, focused on teaching the classical pilates method. Joe is attentive throughout the session, constantly provides corrections and improvements in appearance are evident within just a few sessions. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to add pilates to their exercise routine. Roxana Popovici (5 Stars)

Joe Teague is a very patient pilates instructor. He progresses your exercise at your pace and not at a pre-prescribed progression. If you have a physical issue he adapts your pilates routine to allow for your personal needs. He will challenge you with new additions to your pilates routine but he is NOT the type of personal trainer that leaves you so sore you can not walk. He provides you all the attention you need for your one hour session. I have been extremely pleased for this 2 years at Third Coast Pilates. Joseph Swafford (5 Stars)

In my 70s, I have more energy and strength than I have ever had in my life after working with Joe. Lois Pierce (5 Stars)

This is the real deal Classical Pilates studio of Houston. If you want to get the benefit of a pilates workout, the way Joe Pilates originally meant for it it to be done this is the place to go. Joe Teague can help you recover from an injury or build your strength and endurance while developing your balance and flexibility. My husband and I have been going to Third Coast for 7 months and I no longer have chronic knee problems and my husband can almost touch his toes! Try the introductory package and you will be hooked. Doris Sing (5 Stars)

My wife and I have now studied pilates with Joe Teague of Third Coast Pilates for nearly 2 years. We have tried other studios but third coast is the real deal. No other teacher in the Houston area has his skill and years of experience with Pilates. He is also a very patient teacher. Highly recommended. Note that Third Coast is for Reformer and Cadillac work, not mat work or group classes. Maximum number of students in the room at once is 3 and never more than one new person. Stephen Sykes (5 Stars)

Tina Marie St Cyr (5 Stars)

Yelp Testimonials

I came to Pilates late in life, you could say up on years . I started with Joe at age 90. I realized that in order to remain healthy and strong I could not just be sitting in front of my computer. I was getting stiff, my knees were hurting and my back was bothering me. Third Coast Pilates changed all that. Joe is helping me to age gracefully, my goal is to make it to 100 and still touch my toes, or at least my ankles.. Joe is a great teacher, always listening to my body, avoiding pain. I go three times a week. The studio is quiet, peaceful and I always leave relaxed with a smile on my face. Thanks Joe, Martin Feldman DDS

First time using a reformer and I loved it! Owner Joe is a former ballet dancer and teaches the correct Pilates method. I am recovering from a hip fracture and was a little nervous but he is so knowledgable about rehabilitation and prevention that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am going to start going twice a week. The studio is inside a cute house in Montrose that you would probably drive by if you were not looking for it-a hidden gem! I feel taller, calmer, and more centered. Lisa H.

AMAZING!!! Joe Teague is BRILLIANT!!! Not only does he teach classical style pilates, but he also knows how to help dancers who are in rehab. He taught me the dancers workout on the reformer, which is a very specific thing for a very specific population. It is absolutley brilliant and has helped me rehab tremendously. If you are looking for a pilates studio in Houston, this is it! Joe is very attentive and really cares about his clients... THANKS JOE!!! Audrey B.

Other testimonials

I first went to see Joe after my first son was born. I had a really tough time after his birth with back pain and was frustrated with my lack of weight loss. I needed a way to become stronger and get back into shape. I was able to fit into pre-maternity clothing 3 months after starting my classes and kept the weight off. I feel great, not worn out, after class. I am now expecting my second child and will continue working with Joe. I highly recommend Third Coast Pilates.

Christina Lesher

"Joe Teague provides highly skilled and compassionate instruction for individuals recovering from injuries. Joe has my highest recommendation - he is simply the best."

John E. Rea III, M.D.  

"During a recent physical evaluation by the medical staff at a well-known spa, test results showed my physical age to be seven years younger than my chronological age. I attribute this to the combination of my Pilates program, diet and spiritual/psychological disciplines. At this point in my life I have never felt better."

Ellen Ross

"Mr. Teague possesses a wealth of knowledge in many aspects of body/mind development, anatomy and physiology. For pregnant women, the benefit of Mr. Teague's Pilates work is found in their increased strength, greater flexibility, stamina, and overall well-being. Third Coast Pilates provides a relaxing and safe environment in which to build a stronger body and mind for the rigors of labor and delivery. For women of all ages, there is the increased benefit of stronger pelvic floor structures, thus decreasing the incidence of urinary incontinence and prolapse of internal organs."

Joleen Bishop, MSN
Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

"Joe is a fantastic teacher. He is an extremely experienced and endeavors to understand each individual need. I have become stronger and more toned in just six months. The studio is calm and relaxed, but there is also a fun atmosphere. Anybody that has worked out with Joe will say that they will never risk going anywhere else to learn Pilates in Houston."

Melissa Dix  

"Over the years, I have referred a number of patients and not had to worry if the rehabilitation was going to create more work for me now or re-aggravate injuries. The Pilates technique is a program that is well-grounded in sound biomechanics that pays attention to both flexibility and strength conditioning. I am of the opinion that Joe Teague is one of Houston's best kept secrets in the physical rehabilitation and exercise market; a lot of my patients share the same opinion."

Beth Ann Thompson, D.C., P.C.

"I had greater flexibility and strength and almost complete relief from pain (back injury). I attribute much of the success of my program to the enthusiasm, knowledge, and professional attitude of Joe Teague."

Ilana Reisz, M.A, P.T.
Physical Therapy Consultant

"I have been very impressed with Mr. Teague's knowledge of dance injuries and their appropriate rehabilitation. He has demonstrated enthusiasm and creativity in developing rehab programs. I have enjoyed sharing current concepts in rehabilitation with him."

Clare Wheylan, P.T.

"I got to know Joe when attending the B.C. Studio this summer. I found him to always be very professional, patient with clients, and very knowledgeable about the Pilates Method. In fact, I found a good deal of overlap in the conditioning and body mechanics principals that we are using in the clinical setting."

Martha White
Licensed Occupational Therapist


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