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Is the Pilates Method good for rehabilitation?

Yes. Joseph Pilates began developing his theories of exercise rehabilitation and the exercise machines we use while working with injured soldiers during WWI. He claimed to be 50 years ahead of his time, and it appears he was correct. He discovered the benefits of using variable resistance (bedsprings). He taught both closed kinetic chain and stabilazation exercises and placed an equal emphasis on strength and flexibility to return full function to injured joints. He would even make his patients take walks right after surgery to increase their circulation.

Side Splits and Knee PullsAll the protocols for exercise rehabilitation have existed within the body of Pilates' work for over 75 years. Many physical therapists are obtaining a Pilates certification and now take advantage of the hundreds of exercises created for this purpose. All of the Pilates exercises can be modified into gentle, simple movements. As the client's strength and mobility increases the exercises can be carefully modified to increase the intensity of the workout until the client has regained strength, stability and full range of motion. In many cases this shortens the period of recovery or eliminates the need for a surgical procedure.

Beyond its rehabilitative effects, the Pilates Method can help prevent joint and muscle injuries. Taking the "balanced body" approach to uniform muscle development, the client can eliminate potential compensatory injuries by balancing the muscular force around the joints, lengthening tight tendons, and reprogramming ineffective or destructive movement habits.

There are many therapeutic benefits to the Pilates Method. It has been used successfully to treat complications from ankle, knee, hip and shoulder cuff injuries. It aids in the recovery from stroke and other neurological events, and it is an effective therapy for spinal issues such as: herniated or degenerated discs, scoliosis, arthritis, sciatica, unstable sacral iliac joints, and decompressing injured vertebra, helping to relieve nerve and disc pressure.

"Neither the mind nor the body is supreme one cannot be subordinate to the other"-Joseph Pilates


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