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Transitions Are Exercise

“Do not use ten pounds of effort for a one pound exercise.”
Joseph Pilates

The essence of the Pilates Method is learning to performing any movement with proper body mechanics, while developing the muscular endurance to maintain this mindfull practice for the duration of the activity, whether running a marathon or sitting before your computer for eight hours. This means the actions of standing, sitting, lying down, walking, lifting, etc., are all performed in the most efficient manner possible, with the least amount of stress and wear and tear on the body.
The transitions that occur between exercises, such as getting on or off the machine, spring and footbar changes, picking up the various props, etc., are exercises in control. If we perform a Pilates exercise beautifully, and then fail to do so in the transitional movement that follows, we have failed to actually learn the Pilates Method.
Every repetition opens a new neural pathway to a movement pattern. By practicing perfect transitions we are developing good habits that will help our bodies to stay younger longer, improve our performance of any physical activity, increase our stamina, and greatly expand the sense of well being we experienced in our first session.


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