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Cause And Effect

People are always asking me, “what is The Pilates Method?”
The technical description would be that we focus on the intrinsic muscles, the smaller and deeper muscles that stabilize the skeleton, there by giving us more leverage (strength) for using the extrinsic muscles of locomotion, which are larger and closer to the surface.
I might also describe it by saying that every aspect of The Pilates Method is smooth and fluid, whether we are describing the Pilates breathing patterns, the transitions between exercises, or the exercises themselves. This work is also recognizably beautiful, both on a conscious and unconscious level, because it is bio-mechanically correct.
But, what I really want to share with my clients, is the transformational aspects of this discipline. There is an old saying “what you practice, you will become”. We all know that the way we move, and use our bodies is habitual in nature. You are going to have a habit. It’s either going to be a good habit, or bad, but you are going to have a habitual way of moving...and thinking.
It is my belief, based on my life experiences, and training in sports, martial arts, and dance, that if you practice aggressive, competitive, masculine, adrenaline based exercise systems, such as Crossfit, Bootcamp, and body building, then you will become more aggressive, competitive, and masculine. But, if you practice any physical discipline like The Pilates Method, where we focus on our alignment, and the quality of our movement, while working hard, yet staying calm (no adrenaline), and where you practice responding to stressful situations by breathing deeply and releasing tension, you will become more grounded, calm, compassionate, and more accepting of yourself and others. Thus more civilized.
The Pilates Method will transform you on both a physical and emotional level. It is simply cause and effect.


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